Categories: Site NewsPublished On: December 10, 2021


Cass Enright


The Bar Towel Forum, the longest-running online community dedicated to good beer in Ontario, has undergone an upgrade to ensure that beer fans can continue to chat about the beverage they love. At the same time, the original Bar Towel news blog has been redesigned for a cleaner experience.

The Bar Towel Forum is now located via Added features include a “Light Mode” to view the forum differently from the traditional dark blues. Streamlined forum categories and media and social embedding is now available in threads, along with other features here and there to modernize the experience.

The original Bar Towel journal is now located at and features an archive of all the posts over the years chronicling the growth of craft beer in Ontario.

Thanks for being a part of The Bar Towel community over these past 20+ years, and here’s to more ahead!