Categories: Beer Events, Feature, Site NewsPublished On: May 2, 2020


Cass Enright


We’re going deep into classic beers saved for the right moment. That’s now. Introducing Cellar Diving, a new virtual drinking session with Ontario brewers & beer lovers.⁠

Every two weeks we’ll be gathering beer folks from the industry to chat about what’s been happening with them during the pandemic, and other various beer-y topics. We have done three so far, and the next one will be Saturday, May 16th at 8pm. You can find more details and register at the Cellar Diving site.

In each session we’ll be drinking (at least) two beers, and encourage you to do the same:

  1. Find an interesting, vintage, or unusual beer that you’ve been keeping in your cellar. We’re going to have that one first.
  2. Get a fresh, local, Ontario-made craft beer which we’ll enjoy after the cellar dive. We’ll have that second.

If you want to get yourself some delicious Ontario beer delivered to home, check out the Ontario Beer Delivery Index at

We’ll have a text Q&A during the session so you can ask questions if you’d like.

We hope to see you at the next one!