Categories: Beer In The Press, Site NewsPublished On: February 15, 2006


Bar Towel News Editor


Today’s edition of the Toronto Star features an extensive article on The Bar Towel by Star beer writer Jon Filson. The story is based on a recent round table interview with site founder Cass Enright and a quartet of Forum regulars.

Bar Towellers, like the gang of Stonecutters on The Simpsons, form an unofficial elite in the local beer world. That’s because, to a large extent, Bar Towel is the beer scene. If you want industry gossip, a list of the latest beers being brought into the LCBO, bar recommendations, places in the U.S. where you can snag hard-to-get ales, or advice from a cagey veteran on how to make your own barley wine, is your one-stop online shop.

We might be a bit biased, but we think it’s a great article, and hopefully it’ll bring more attention to the site – and more importantly, the great beer that we all love.
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