Categories: New Beer ReleasesPublished On: July 17, 2006


Bar Towel News Editor


The folks at Great Lakes Brewery have something up their sleeves:

Just wanted to let you know about something new and exciting that’s happening here at Great Lakes. Although we can’t divulge all the details
yet, we have a new beer aging at the brewery, ready to be unveiled at the
Toronto Festival of Beer. What we can say at this point is that it is a
robust ale, weighing in at more than 6% ABV and in a very limited release.
We hope to have it on tap at select bars and restaurants in the city by the
end of August, and perhaps a few bottles or kegs at our brewery store. Stay
tuned for further details as the beer matures…

Needless to say, as soon as we know more, we’ll pass along the info to you.