Categories: LCBO ReleasesPublished On: July 17, 2006


Bar Towel News Editor


Astute beer drinkers will undoubtedly have noticed that St. Louis Premium Kriek was announced as being part of the LCBO summer beer release, but has yet to appear on store shelves nearly a month after the promotion officially kicked off. Paul Flint from import agency Rubaiyat has an explanation:

The order was held up because the LCBO required a very detailed sticker, which took several efforts to get right, and then a delay while it was printed and applied. There were also problems with the tray, the LCBO claiming that it was not strong enough and the supplier unwilling to have a stronger tray custom-made. Finally the LCBO agreed to the existing tray on a one-off providing it didn’t cause any trouble, and the beer was sent. It arrived about three weeks ago and has been going through the lab testing and pricing process. The LCBO has also objected again to the tray. I notice it has now been posted on the LCBO’s online inventory (#676890), but without inventory yet. It should be distributed this week.

So, there you go. Watch for it to finally start hitting the shelves later this week in packages of 4 x 250 ml cans for $7.95.