Categories: Beer EventsPublished On: September 12, 2007


Bar Towel News Editor


Volo have officially announced the dates and times for this year’s edition of Cask Days, as well as the unique ticket details for the event:

Cask Days At Volo
Cask Days is our homage to cask conditioned beer and the brewers that keep this age old tradition alive. We’ve asked a few to create something special for the occasion.
This year’s event is spread over two days, with two sessions on Saturday and one on Sunday. We’ve added a special one hour preview before session 1 that includes a breakfast with the brewers.
Tickets are on sale for one afternoon only (sorry but it’s the only way we can manage it). Can’t say just yet, but we will be doing a little something that afternoon. Yes it involves a cask.
Event Schedule
Saturday Oct 20 Session 1 with Preview: 11a-4p
Saturday Oct 20 Session 1: 12p-4p
Saturday Oct 20 Session 2: 6p-10p
Sunday Oct 21 Session 3: 1p-5p
Ticket Details
Tickets available at Volo on Sunday September 30, 11p-2.30p
25 tickets available for Session 1 with Preview @ $45
75 tickets available for Session 1 @ $25
100 tickets available for Session 2 @ $25
100 tickets available for Session 3 @ $25
Limit six tickets per person