Categories: On The Road Reports, Site NewsPublished On: January 8, 2011


Cass Enright


The Bar Towel loves to travel.  What better way to experience great beers from other cities and countries, than to go and visit?  And when we visit places we always bring along our trusty GPS to guide us on our beer travels.  This way we’re never too far from a good beer spot!  So we thought it would be a good idea to share the GPS maps for other Bar Towellers travelling about, if you happen to be heading to one of our past destinations, that is.

Below you can download GPX files (within zip archives) of a number of the major beer bars and brewpubs in the respective cities.  They are certainly not comprehensive lists, but generally have the most popular pubs and bars.  Hope they can help on your travels!

United States
Boston, MA
Chicago, IL
New York, NY
Philadelphia, PA
San Francisco, CA

Antwerpen, Belgium
Brussels, Belgium
Koln, Germany

If you have any GPS beer maps that you would like to share, please contribute in the GPS beer map discussion thread.