Categories: Brewery NewsPublished On: April 16, 2006


Bar Towel News Editor


In the April/May 2006 edition of the Great Lakes Brewing News, Robert Hughey reports on the impending launch of Joseph Bloor Brewery. Founded by marketer Ralph Smith – who was inspired by reading about a brewery founded in 1830 by early Torontonian Joseph Bloor in the area now known as Rosedale – this new venture will be a contract brewing operation.
The first Joseph Bloor offering will be Blockhouse Lager, a Munich-style Helles that will be aged for a full six weeks. Two other brands will follow later in the year: 1830 Pilsner (a German style pils) and Garrison Ale (brewed in the Scottish 80/- style). Watch for Joseph Bloor taps to appear soon at local bars and restaurants.
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