Categories: Brewery NewsPublished On: July 7, 2007


Bar Towel News Editor


John from Great Lakes Brewery recently popped by the Bar Towel Forum to announce that they’ve got a special mystery beer due to be tapped soon:

Just a quick note to let you know we’ve got something new on the way… it’s a one-off batch of 1000 litres, so about a dozen or so kegs that we’re hoping to send to some of the usual suspects downtown. Hopefully it’ll do it’s thing over the weekend and we’ll have it ready to go by late next week. We’re tossing around the idea of keeping it in its natural state (i.e. no filtration) but we’ll see how she goes. We threw a boatload of hops into the secondary so we’re hoping it comes out nice and hoppy… mmm. Tentative name is Project X… I’ll post more info when we’re closer to getting it out.