Categories: New Beer ReleasesPublished On: August 10, 2006


Bar Towel News Editor


As mentioned here a few weeks back, Toronto’s Great Lakes Brewery have concocted a new limited edition brew to be launched at Toronto’s Festival Of Beer. They were keeping quiet on the details, but now the dark secrets have been revealed:

The Devil Made Me Brew It! Brewed for 66.6 minutes with 666kg of malt and 6.6kg of hops, Devil’s Pale Ale is a robust ale weighing in at 6.6% alcohol (notice a theme yet?). Darker than traditional pale ales, Devil’s Pale Ale has an unmistakable hoppiness both in aroma and taste, balanced by a selection of 6 choice malts. Stop by our tent to be one of the first to try this limited release beer from Great Lakes Brewery.