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The Ontario Craft Brewers – an association of small and mid-sized breweries from all across the province – have recently increased their ranks from 24 to 31 members. The 7 newest additions are:
A new brewery based in VanKleek Hill (near Ottawa). Their first beer, Lug Tread Ale, is a lagered ale based on the Kölsch style and brewed with certified organic malts, Eastern Ontario springwater and imported German hops. It will be available in restaurants and bars this spring, and in Beer Stores and the LCBO later in the year.
Better Bitters
An off-shoot of a brew-your-own establishment in Burlington. Their beers are being marketed under the Nickel Brook brand, with their current line-up – Ale, Lager, Light and Premium Lager – soon to be joined by an Apple Lager.
Glenora Springs
A small brewery in Picton that was revived last year after being closed for a year or so. Their beers include McKinney’s Triple Chin Irish Dark Ale, Rogers Red Coat Pale Ale, White Cap Premium Lager, and the winter seasonal Black Scarf Cherry Porter.
A newly launched brand line owned by Charles MacLean to be built around his flagship MacLean’s Pale Ale which he currently brews at F&M Brewery.
Old Credit
One of Ontario’s oldest microbrewers, this Port Credit brewer offers an Amber Ale and a Pale Pilsner.
Scotch Irish
Perry Mason has been serving up fine ales for several years now as a contract brewer. He recently sold the Scotch Irish name to Ottawa’s Heritage Brewing, but he will continue to oversee the brand and beers at their new home.
A fledgling brewery in Virgil (near Niagara On The Lake), their line-up includes Charleston Lager, Premium Lager, and a soon to be launched Red Cream Ale.
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