Categories: Brewery NewsPublished On: October 8, 2007


Bar Towel News Editor


Here’s a quick round-up of some recent news from several local breweries and brewpubs:

  • Trafalgar Ales & Meads are running their traditional “Vote With Your Throat” promotion in advance of the upcoming Provincial election. Four of their beers have been rebranded as Lib Light, Tory Lager, N.D.Pilsner and Green Gold for brewery sales, and sales numbers are being tracked as a very non-scientific poll. According to the latest sales results, the underdog Greens are in the lead.
  • Mill Street Brewery is the first brewery to be featured on Le Gourmet TV, a new video-on-demand website focussing on food and drink. The site is still several weeks away from the official launch, but once it’s fully launched, more brewery profiles and tastings will be added as part of their Beer stream.
  • Granite Brewery will be holding their annual Oktoberfest Brewers Banquet this coming Saturday, October 13, featuring live German Oom-Pa-Pa music and a full dinner with beer pairings. Call 416-322-0723 to reserve.
  • Cameron’s Brewing are marking their 10th anniversary with some expansion efforts. Over the summer, they added a new Canadian-made 80 HL fermenter to their production line, and on the staffing side, they’ve recently welcomed brewmaster Jason Britton (ex-Walkerville Brewing) and promotions manager Mike Laba.