Categories: Bar/Restaurant NewsPublished On: January 23, 2006


Bar Towel News Editor


Aside from the infamous “beer & popcorn” quote, the topic of beer was not a major issue in the just-finished federal election campaign. Therefore, The Bar Towel cannot officially endorse any of the candidates. But we still encourage everyone to get out and vote!
And once you’ve done your civic duty, why not reward yourself with a tasty beverage or two? While most bars will likely have their televisions tuned to the election results (well, after the Leafs-Sens game is over, at least), some places are throwing full-on election night bashes.
Dora Keogh (141 Danforth Ave.) is hosting their first ever Election Night Fun Party. Owner John Maxwell will be serving complimentary ash sandwiches (Wonder Bread with margarine and ash) or caviar sandwiches depending on who wins. According to Maxwell, the caviar will be offered only if Monday’s result is “a rejection of the candidate of darkness.” Which candidate he is referring to is unclear, so you’ll just have to show up if you want to find out.
Smokeless Joe (125 John St.) is also hosting an election party, with a television brought in especially for watching the coverage, four beers designated for the parties, and complimentary snacks.
Meanwhile, out in Oakville, Trafalgar Ales & Meads will be holding an election-ending event at their Tied House Pub (1156 Speers Road, between 3rd and 4th Line, Oakville). In addition to watching the results of the real election, they will also be announcing the final tally in their successful Political Party Pack promotion, which saw them rebrand four of their beers for each of the major parties – Lib Red Lager, Old Tory Lager, WorkerÂ’s Brown Ale, Sovereign Ale – and then track the sales of each at their brewery store and pub. As of last week, the sales were running quite close to the national election polls, although it’s possible that the lack of a Green “candidate” may be skewing the numbers. Might we suggest the addition of an Organic Ale for the next election? And maybe a Hemp Ale for the Marijuana Party?