Categories: Beer EventsPublished On: September 16, 2011


Cass Enright


As part of Toronto Beer Week‘s significant event status, 19 participating establishments have been granted liquor license extensions until 4am.  So you can enjoy craft beer for 2 extra hours each night until the end of Toronto Beer Week!

Staying open until 4am is at each individual establishment’s discretion, so please ask them directly if and when they plan on staying open. They all have the choice to keep their current hours or extend if they choose.

The following establishments have been granted liquor license extensions:

  • Castro’s Lounge
  • Embassy Bar
  • Burger Bar
  • Abbot Pub & Fare
  • The Monk’s Table
  • Town Crier Pub/Halfway Beer House
  • The Village Idiot
  • Sin & Redemption
  • Dakota Tavern
  • Victory Cafe
  • Kilgour’s Bar Meets Grill
  • Parts & Labour
  • Granite Brewery
  • Rhino Bar & Grill
  • C’est What?
  • Beerbistro
  • Painted Lady
  • The Garrison
  • Bar Volo