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In honour of the Shakespeare: Made in Canada festival which will be running in Guelph from January to May of this year, Sleeman Breweries have brewed a limited edition ale called The Bard’s Beer.
Launched this past week at The Shakespeare Arms, the beer will be available on tap at various bars and restaurants in Guelph for the duration of the festival, with all proceeds from its sales being donated to the event.
Not much info has been made available about the beer itself has been made available, aside from the following excerpt from an article in the Guelph Mercury:

(Sleeman brewmaster Ed) McCallum said he started doing research in September after being directed to create a beer in honour of the festival.
He said he planned on creating an old-fashioned English beer with a strong bitter taste. But he wanted to find more creative links to Shakespeare to make the promotion more authentic.
“It’s the fun part of my business and the fun part of my job,” McCallum said.
“It’s the part I really enjoy.”
He said he used two different roasted malts after reading that Shakespeare was a grain dealer who sold malts in England.
And because Shakespeare’s father had a penchant for ale, McCallum used ale yeast in his recipe.

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