Categories: Brewpub NewsPublished On: April 16, 2008


Bar Towel News Editor


Pepperwood Bistro (1455 Lakeshore Road, Burlington) have sent out early word about their beer plans for May:

CAMRA are designating May as “Mild Month”. Mild is the ultimate session beer. It is one of the most traditional beer styles which is enjoying a revival in today’s real ale market. Usually dark brown in colour, due to the use of well-roasted malts or barley it is less hopped than bitters and often has a chocolatety character with nutty and burnt flavours.
Pepperwood Monthly Feature – English Mild – available May 2nd – Cask & Draft
To celebrate “Mild Month” we will tap a cask of Mild on Friday May 2nd. The same beer will be available on draft so you can compare the cask and draft versions. To complete our celebration of Milds we will also have Grand River Mild on tap.
Feature Ontario Craft Brewer Beer – Grand River Mill Race Mild
Darkly coloured and rich in appearance, this mild ale is brewed in the traditional style of British mild beers that are disappearing even from the pubs of London, England. Grand River Brewing has revived this traditional style of beer that is deep in colour but doesn’t possess the harsh bitterness that many people associate with a darker beer. The pronounced creamy head welcomes you and is followed with a beautiful roasted barley flavour and a smooth creamy taste. This is a beer that just makes you want to have another and with being a mild, go right ahead.