Categories: Brewpub NewsPublished On: April 1, 2008


Bar Towel News Editor


Here’s the April news update from the Pepperwood Bistro (1455 Lakeshore Road, Burlington):

Pepperwood Monthly Feature for April – Märzen – available April 4th
History: Typically brewed in the spring, signaling the end of the traditional brewing season and stored in cold caves or cellars during the warm summer months. Served in autumn amidst traditional celebrations.
Flavor: Initial malty sweetness, but finish is moderately dry. Distinctive and complex maltiness includes a toasted aspect. Hop bitterness is moderate, and noble hop flavor is low. Balance is toward malt, though the finish is not sweet.
Overall Impression: Smooth, clean, and rather rich, with a depth of malt character. This is one of the classic malty styles, with a maltiness that is often described as soft, complex, and elegant but never cloying.
Comments: This particular Märzen has been cold cellared for many days – in fact almost two weeks. Why wait for Autumn when you can have it now.
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