Categories: Brewpub NewsPublished On: December 3, 2008


Bar Towel News Editor


Pepperwood Bistro & Brewpub (1455 Lakeshore Road, Burlington) will be releasing their Feature Beer of the month on Friday, December 5th, and a Cask Ale of the month on Friday, December 19th.
The Feature Beer is a Winter Warmer with the following notes from brewmaster Paul Dickey: “Winter warmers are a more modern style of the English Old Ale and are generally maltier, fuller-bodied, often darker beers. Because we have had a run of darker beers lately, this winter warmer is very light in colour, aroma, and flavour, however it is anything but light in alcohol. It weighs in at 7% – with a light refreshing malt character, some yeast overtones with just a hint of cranberry befitting the season.”
The Monthly Cask Ale will be a Pale Ale brewed with Centennial hops.
Pepperwood’s Ontario Craft Brewer guest tap for December will feature Mill Street Coffee Porter.