Categories: Bar/Restaurant NewsPublished On: May 17, 2008


Bar Towel News Editor


Just in time for their Spring Festival of Small Brewers next Friday, C’est What have announced a few changes to their tap and bottle line-up:

The Granite Best Bitter has moved to cask and returning the our list are Church-Key Cranberry Wheat, Ephemere Pomme (Unibroue), and Great Lakes Orange Peel Ale. Nickelbrook Cuvée, a tasty strong golden ale, is new to our taps.
The Unibroue bottled collection has arrived. We are now carrying Blanche de Chambly, Don de Dieu, Chambly Noir, Maudite, La Fin du Monde, and Trois Pistoles.
A new C’est What brew, Sierra’s Excellent Ale, has arrived. Truth be told, it is a summer ale, but we didn’t want it confused with the Sierra’s Summer Ale from a couple of years ago as the recipe has been completely re-built. The new brew is designed for warm weather quaffing at 4.0% alcohol, is nitrogen-dispensed, and has a refreshing hint of bitter in the finish at 25 IBU.