Categories: British ColumbiaPublished On: November 27, 2010


Derek Hyde


Lighthouse Brewing will be releasing the second edition of their “Small Brewery – Big Flavour Series” this week. Following the Shipwrecked Triple IPA, they’re continuing the nautical naming theme with Navigator Doppelbock (nice inclusion of the ‘ator suffix as well). Watch for future releases at the better Private Liquor Stores.

Phillips Brewing will also be releasing their Instigator Doppelbock this week, along with their new Trainwreck Barley Wine, which at 10.5% is sure to warm your soul.

Granville Island Brewing has done another seasonal chocolate stout, and in celebration of Rogers’ Chocolates 125th Anniversary, this one’s an Imperial!

Returning to BC liquor stores:
R&B Auld Nick Winter Ale – a British-inspired strong ale without extra spicing
Vancouver Island Hermannator Ice Bock – an awesome annual since 1988
Lighthouse Winter Ale – only available in their mix pack

Most of the brewpubs do winter seasonals as well, so take a break from your holiday shopping and warm up with a local brew.

And watch for Sierra Nevada to hit the shelves in January!
(Pale Ale and Torpedo Extra IPA, according to Suds Magazine)