Categories: Beer In The PressPublished On: December 30, 2009


Bar Towel News Editor


In today’s Toronto Star, beer columnist Josh Rubin looks back at the year of beer in Toronto, listing what he views as some of the highlights and lowlights of 2009.

There are notably many more highlights than lowlights – in fact, the only negative mention goes to the lime beer trend that came and went this past summer. On the positive side, Rubin includes several new local beers (such as Creemore Springs Kellerbier and Black Oak 10 Bitter Years); the opening of new brewpubs Les 3 Brasseurs and Duggan’s Brewery; Great Lakes Brewing‘s Caskapalooza booth at Toronto’s Festival of Beer; and the LCBO’s successful gamble on bringing in Ola Dubh 40, which was an instant sell-out despite the $18.40 per bottle price tag.

On a related note, yesterday’s Star included a short feature by Rubin on Duggan’s Brewery.