Categories: Beer In The PressPublished On: March 15, 2006


Bar Towel News Editor


As you might expect given this coming weekend’s celebration of a certain Irish saint, Jon Filson‘s Suck It Back column this week is devoted to stout. But rather than the “stout = Guinness = stout” line that most mass-media beer writers tend to drag out this time every year, Filson suggests that St. Paddy’s revellers break out some Sinha (aka Lion) Stout instead:

Guinness is something like the coffee to Lion’s espresso. […] Look for stronger, sweeter and more complex coffee and chocolate flavours, a very low level of carbonation and a quickly dissipating layer of foam. It’s also an 8 per cent beer — so this is more of a sipper than a gulper.

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(Of course, the big question is: Why is the highly overrated Guinness the only Irish stout easily available to Ontario beer drinkers? Why can’t we go to the LCBO or Beer Store and buy some Beamish or Murphy’s?)