Categories: Bar/Restaurant NewsPublished On: December 20, 2007


Bar Towel News Editor


C’est What have announced a few updates to their extensive beer list:

Since the last e-news we have seen Amsterdam Oktoberfest and Grand River Galt Knife Lager come and go and now have the Grand River Jubilation Spiced Ale, Neustadt Big Dog Porter, Nickelbrook Maple Porter, Black Oak Nutcracker Porter, and Great Lakes Winter Ale taking a turn. A special one-off Neustadt Decade Cask Bitter is just about finished and will make way for Wellington Imperial Stout on cask in the next couple of days.
We are on the second batch of our Caraway Rye to which a little more caraway has been added and an altered hop schedule has given it a cleaner finish. Look for a new batch of our Hazelnut Chocolate Ale in a week or so. It has been tweaked to give it a little more backbone behind the luxurious dark chocolate flavour.