Categories: Beer In The PressPublished On: February 5, 2006


Bar Towel News Editor


This weekend’s edition of The Globe and Mail features an article by Sinclair Stewart on a blind tasting between eight macro-brews ranging from “premium” brands such as Labatt Blue, Molson Canadian and Keith’s, to some old-school brands that have seen better days like Labatt 50 and Carling Lager. Tasted in a round-robin format, the final two were Keith’s and Carling, with the lowly discount brand coming out the winner:

If we couldn’t grab our favourite microbrew at a local watering hole, if we wanted a versatile beer that was good with food, yet at the same time moderately flavourful and refreshing (why else do we drink mainstream beer, anyway?), the panel was unanimous. The bonus? You get to save a couple bucks.

One can only imagine what the results would have been had they included other discount brews. They could have even had some themed showdowns, like Lakeport Lager vs. Laker Lager, or Steeler vs. Steelback!
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