Categories: Beer EventsPublished On: June 30, 2007


Bar Towel News Editor


As part of their Tasting Club series of food & drink events, the new Leslieville arts & events facility Coupe Space (998 Queen Street East) will be presenting a unique beer tasting hosted by Stephen Beaumont.
Dubbed “Beer To The Extreme”, the event will take place on Monday July 9th from 7:00 to 9:00 PM, and is described in the Coupe Space schedule as follows:

Think beer is just ice cold lager or draught pale ale? Think again. Stephen Beaumont has spent nearly two decades exploring the world of beer and sampling the weirdest, wildest and most outrageous brews out there. Now he’s bringing the Extreme Beer Experience to Toronto. Expect the unexpected!

In a separate email, Stephen promised that “the majority will not be from the ranks of the LCBO” and that some special and unexpected beers may make an appearance.
Tickets for “Beer To The Extreme” are $75, and can be reserved by contacting Sacha at or 416.469.9656. In addition to the beer, the ticket price includes substantial pre-tasting nibbles and tasting notes.