Categories: Beer In The PressPublished On: May 20, 2006


Bar Towel News Editor


Over the last couple of days, several newspapers in the Torstar chain have been running a series of stories on the state of the beer industry in Ontario & Canada. Here are links to the full set of articles:
Beer and loathing in Canada’s breweries
A feature article that takes a wide-ranging look at various aspects of the brewing business, from troubles at the Big Three, to the increasing sales that are being enjoyed by the import, craft and “buck-a-beer” segments of the market.
Forget the froth, this is serious
Further coverage of the discount and premium/import segments, with mention of Cameron’s, Trafalgar and Lakeport.
Upstart brewers brewing big sales
Profiles of Wellington County and F&M Brewery.
Is Sleeman for sale?
Profile of Sleeman, and analysis of the recent stories & rumours regarding the possible sale of the brewery.
Brick testing upscale beers
Feature on Jim Brickman and Brick Brewing‘s new “Founder’s Series” line of premium beers.
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