Categories: Bar Towel Radio, On The Road ReportsPublished On: September 22, 2014


Cass Enright


Well, it’s not quite the return of Arrested Development, but after a 6 year (!) hiatus, The Bar Towel’s podcast, entitled Bar Towel Radio, has returned.

In July of this summer we traveled down to the Vermont Brewers Festival in Burlington, Vermont, and had a chat with Jeff Baker, the Director of Liquid Assets at the Farmhouse Tap & Grill, an great beer bar and restaurant in town.  And that visit and chat is now our latest podcast!

You can give it a listen right here:

Bar Towel Radio – Jeff Baker & the Vermont Beer Scene

If you’d like, feel free to listen to or subscribe to Bar Towel Radio via iTunes.

Here are some of the spots referenced in the episode, if you can make it down to visit Burlington:

You can read our past Bar Towel On the Road Report about Vermont here.