Categories: Beer EventsPublished On: October 29, 2008


Cass Enright


Next Tuesday, November 4th, marks the 10th anniversary of the original domain name registration of, leading to the site that you know today.
To celebrate, we’re having a casual pub night and Bar Towel meet-and-greet at the Victory Cafe (581 Markham Street) starting at 6pm in the upstairs bar. There will be a couple of casks available at the upstairs bar, plus the Victory’s always-excellent lineup of draughts.
November 4th is also the U.S. election, and the election coverage will be on the big screen at the upstairs bar as well. So if you were thinking about heading out to watch that you’ll be able to do so here!
Doors will be at 6pm. There is no admission charge or RSVP list, just show up! Looking forward to seeing some Bar Towel regulars there.