Categories: Beer Events, Golden Tap AwardsPublished On: August 25, 2011


Cass Enright


Back in June something pretty special occurred at the Great Lakes Brewery. Organized by long time Bar Towel friend Jon Walker, a collaborative brew day took place at Great Lakes between brewer Mike Lackey and dozens of Bar Towel regulars, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Discussion Forums.

This beer, which came to be known as the Bar Towel 10th Anniversary Belgo CASScadian Dark Ale, is going to be featured at this Saturday’s Golden Tap Awards for all to try!

The “BT10BCDA”┬áis a one off brew, made by the people who make Bar Towel the exciting beer community it is. Come out to the Golden Taps on Saturday, August 27th beginning at 4pm for a sample of this very special beer that you won’t see again.