Categories: British ColumbiaPublished On: December 4, 2010


Derek Hyde


The Northwest Brewing News will be presenting their 2010 readers choice awards this weekend. I’m generally skeptical of opinion polls (which often suffer from a small sample size), but I think this one provides a reasonable representation of BC:

Best Brewery, British Columbia – Phillips Brewing Company, Victoria
Best Brewpub, British Columbia – Spinnakers, Victoria
Best Alehouse/Pub, British Columbia – Alibi Room, Vancouver
Best Bartender, British Columbia – Nigel Springthorpe, Alibi Room, Vancouver
Best Beer Store, British Columbia – Brewery Creek, Vancouver
Best Homebrew Supply, British Columbia – Dan’s Homebrewing Supplies, Vancouver

Unfortunately when it comes to the long list of “Best Beers”, BC is limited to Storm’s Lambic (best sour) and an honourable mention for Driftwood’s Sartori Harvest Ale. But I don’t think this is necessarily a reflection on our brewers, considering the US population of the Pacific Northwest is more than twice the population of BC. So next year, make the effort to vote and give our brewers the recognition they deserve.

Congrats to all the winners!