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Cass Enright


logo_EN (1)The Bar Towel is thrilled to announce a new collaboration with Porter Escapes, all in the name of great beer!

It’s no secret that Porter Escapes is a fabulous way to enjoy some amazing destinations, and one thing you’ll be able to find at all of them is delicious craft beer.  So, The Bar Towel is going to bring you information, insights, reviews and profiles about the best craft beer spots at select Porter Escapes destinations.  With a Porter Escapes travel experience that includes flights and hotels, now you’ll be able to add a delicious beer itinerary to your upcoming trip!

Delicious house blend Lambic Doux at Chicago’s Publican Restaurant.

Delicious house blend Lambic Doux at Chicago’s Publican Restaurant.

First up in the wonderful city of Chicago.  Home to such famous beer havens such as Goose Island, Local Option, Half Acre, Piece, Map Room, The Publican and more, Chicago is a great destination for beer, food and culture.  And it just so happens that we are in the middle of the 6th annual Chicago Craft Beer Week, running until May 24th, with numerous beer-related celebrations and events occurring across the region.

Please (virtually) join us this weekend (May 22nd-May 24th) as we tour and highlight some of Chicago’s great craft beer destinations, events during Chicago Craft Beer Week, and other unique sights along the way. Follow along via our Twitter and Instagram feeds, and when we’re back we’ll recap all the spots in a feature article on The Bar Towel.

Cheers to a delicious “beer escape” to Chicago!