Categories: British Columbia, Miscellaneous Beer NewsPublished On: March 15, 2011


Derek Hyde


The CAMpaign for Real Ale is now 40 years old. Some people might think this organization is just a bunch of bearded old curmudgeon’s, but that certainly isn’t the case. Take a look at CAMRA Vancouver’s executive, it’s mostly women!

There’s a whole new generation of people that refuse to consume mass-market industrial products, that seek out all-natural alternatives, and truly enjoy the flavours and diversity that only craft brewers provide.

CAMRA BC has been promoting these natural ales for decades. They have chapters in Victoria, Vancouver, Nanaimo, Penticton and now the Fraser Valley. Their aim is:

* to encourage the appreciation and production of natural, pure, additive-free ales and lagers in all their traditional styles;
* to promote the establishment and success of quality brewpubs, neighbourhood pubs and craft breweries in British Columbia;
* to support quality home brewing; and
* to encourage the responsible enjoyment of beer and actively support laws and regulations that contribute to that objective.

To learn more about their current activities, check out their websites, as well as Jan Zeschky’s excellent
Brewed Awakening column from this past weekend.

And raise a glass (of real ale) to their unwavering dedication.