Categories: Beer Awards, British ColumbiaPublished On: June 8, 2011


Derek Hyde


No, I’m not referring to games 3 & 4 in Boston, those were a total disaster. But this past weekend the North American Brewers Association presented their annual awards… and these Canucks won!

Howe Sound Brewing Company
Gold (Kristall Weizen / Berliner Weisse) – Goldtooth Berliner Weisse
Silver (Weizen Bock) – King Heffy
Bronze (Herbed / Spiced) – Pumpkineater Pumpkin Ale

R&B Brewing Company
Gold (American Style Wheat Beer) – SunGod Wheat Ale
Bronze (English Pale Ale) – Red Devil Pale Ale
Bronze (English-Style IPA) – Hoppelganger IPA

Whistler Brewing Company
Gold (Bavarian Style Hefeweizen) – Weissbier Wheat Ale

Bowen Island Brewing Company
Silver (Honey Beer / Malternatives) – Honey Brown Lager